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This year, for the second year in a row, I'm taking part in a cause close to my heart, the Tour CIBC Charles-Bruneau. The event raises funds to support the Fondation Charles-Bruneau, whose mission is to give children with cancer in Quebec the best possible chance of recovery by funding research and projects dedicated to pediatric oncology. The overall cure rate for the main types of cancer has risen from 30% in 1980 to over 80% today. This is huge progress, but it's still not enough! Let's ride together for the cause!


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Tour CIBC Charles-Bruneau 2024





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Annie Guenette

Bravo. Merci de ton implication pour cette cause 💙


Ariane Capuano

Let’s goooooo!!!!


Luc Billette



Stéphane Fauteux




plus tu pédales vite moins tu pédales moins vite! amuse toi


Nicolas et Marie-Claude

Bravo pour ton engagement encore une fois cette année Maïka! ❤️💪


Marilyne Sp

HAVE FUN 😚🏅✨️🚴‍♀️


Jacinthe Morel

Quel beau geste, bravo!


Jean-Marc Gagnon

Bravo pour ton implication pour la santé des enfants



T’es la meilleure Maïchou <3


Alyssa Graham

Bravo Maïka! Super belle cause!


Francois et james

Merci de prendre la relève ❤️


Maïka Cameron




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