Since 2016, a true story of the heart has been born between the Charles-Bruneau Foundation and the large IGA family. Every year, throughout the province, its network of employees, merchants and suppliers join forces to support the thousands of families affected by pediatric cancer. Whether it is to contribute to a public fundraising campaign, solicit donations at the customer's checkout or organize a fundraising activity for our cause in their region, they are there to support us.


Thanks to this exceptional partnership between the Fondation Charles-Bruneau and IGA, and to all those who take part in it each year, more than $6.5 million has been donated to date to allow even more children to grow up healthy. Their marketing team has mastered the art of developing original and touching advertising campaigns to make Quebecers aware of the importance of our mission. Think of the Christmas story "L'échange" or the temporary tattoos "Les durs à cuire".


July 9, more than 135 cyclists will ride under the IGA banner as part of the Tour CIBC Charles-Bruneau to nourish the hopes of the families we support. Thank you for your solidarity and support in our journey towards a childhood without cancer.


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