Is the Foundation doing well?

As with most charities, the Charles Bruneau Foundation has been hit hard by the pandemic. The postponement of the 2020 Tour resulted in a significant loss of revenue to support the development of projects dedicated to pediatric hematology-oncology.

Despite COVID-19, the Foundation is stepping up its efforts and will be able, in the short term, to honour its commitments to hospitals and various research projects. Now we must provide ourselves with the resources and continue the mission in the medium and long term. In the current context, a revisited formula was essential to present the Tour CIBC Charles-Bruneau next summer.

We have put all our efforts into reinventing your favourite cycling event by respecting our four fundamental priorities: the safety and health of the participants, fundraising, the experience of the participants and the influence of the Foundation and the cause.

The Foundation and the Steering Committee of the Tour CIBC Charles-Bruneau are proud to present you with an alternative formula and thank you, dear cyclists, for your commitment to the cause of children with cancer. 




Why change the tour formula? 

The Foundation cannot afford to cancel the Tour for a second year in a row. We must provide ourselves with the resources to pursue our long-term mission. Too many families and children rely on us, on you.

Last summer, the 25th edition of the Tour had to be postponed. The initial plan was to copy and paste this formula for 2021, but since the situation related to the pandemic was still uncertain last December, it was impossible for us to predict what would lie ahead next July. 

The Foundation's team has been working to put in place a revisited formula for the event so that it can take place, regardless of the level of alert decreed by the Government next summer.

We began the reflection by identifying the main risk factors: transport and accommodation, as well as the massive gathering of the arrival in Boucherville. Based on these restrictions, what formula is possible? A loop, a day.

The Tour counts on participants from all over Quebec, in which region will these loops be? An in-depth analysis of the places of residence of all our participants shows us that 60% come from Montreal and the Montérégie. We have therefore decided on the Montérégie for accessibility and the different route possibilities offered. This will allow the majority of participants to easily get to their point of departure/arrival by their own means the same morning.

Now, how could we have a loop that stands out from the rest and that would unify our participants, volunteers and employees? During the analysis of candidate cities, a question arises: could we link three start/finish points together and make a single route of less than 150 km? Yes, it is possible by connecting the cities of Saint-Hyacinthe, Rougemont and Bromont.

That's the concept: a cause, a journey.

For participants who were registered for the 2020 Tour, know that the initial formula should finally take place in 2022, if COVID-19 wants it!

Thank you for your support for your Tour CIBC Charles-Bruneau. 


Can I change my route?

The tour formula revisited presents only one route. All participants registered on a 1J, 2J, 4J or 6J course will therefore make the same loop. A cause, a journey.

There will be three start/finish points on the course: Saint-Hyacinthe, Rougemont and Bromont. Don't worry, the assignment of registrations to the revisited formula has been done so that the cyclists in your group stay together.

In order to comply with all covid-19 measures, each point of departure/arrival will have a maximum number of participants allowed. Changes will therefore be limited and controlled. The priority will be to offer cyclists the opportunity to ride with their group.

For more information, please contact your pathway coordinator.


Why is the point of departure/arrival assigned to me not the closest to my place of residence?

The analysis of the places of residence of the tour participants had an important impact in the revisited formula. More than 60% of cyclists come from Montreal and the South Shore and this explains the choice of the region.

The assignment to the revisited formula was made as follows:

  • Saint-Hyacinthe: 6-day course and Generosity
  • Bromont: 2J Sherbrooke and 1J Bromont courses
  • Rougemont: 2J Gatineau, 1J Saint-Eustache, 2J Laval, 2J Québec and 1J Drummondville course

The influencing factor in the transfer was the group of belonging. Year after year, cyclists from all over Quebec participate in the Tour for a unique group experience. With this in mind, it was imperative that groups 1J, 2J, 4J or 6J stay together.

Naturally, since a passage in these cities was planned, the 6J and Generosity routes were twinned with Saint-Hyacinthe and those of the 2J Sherbrooke and 1J Bromont twinned with Bromont. For their part, the 2J Québec, 1J Drummondville, 2J Gatineau, 1J Saint-Eustache and 2J Laval courses are twinned from Rougemont.

These transfers will allow us a good balance and an equivalent number of participants at each place of departure / arrival.


Can I register on a in person trek and transfer to the remote formula if the situation changes?

Yes. Depending on the level of alert decreed by the Government and the evolution of the situation related to COVID-19 or for any personal reason, the cyclist may request to be transferred to the remote formula.

We will invite you to keep your original fundraising goal; the Foundation needs you more than ever.





Will I be able to be paired with the same child hero?

Yes. The Tour is also a story of the heart. It is expected that child heroes will be affiliated with the same start/arrival locations as the participants they were initially matched with.


If I set myself a higher fundraising goal than requested, will I be forced to meet it?

No. The participant's commitment is to achieve the fundraising goal attached to the route on which he is registered.

  • Discovery 50 km: $500
  • Discovery 80 km: $1000
  • 140 km route: $2500
  • Remote: $500

For participants registered on a 2J, 4J or 6J, however, we invite you to keep your initial goal; the Foundation needs you more than ever.


What will happen to the promotion I was able to benefit from when I registered offering a 30% discount on my collection?

The promotions that had been applied when registering for courses of 100 km and over for any first participation in the event, as well as for any registration of a person aged 40 and under will be maintained.




Will we still receive our basic equipment? If so, how?

Yes. All equipment included with the registration fee will be delivered by mail. It would be the same if you had ordered additional equipment. Each participant, whose registration from 2020 has been postponed to 2021, has received a communication requesting a confirmation of his order. A second communication was sent to all participants at the beginning of June to confirm your postal address for sending the equipment. If you have not received this communication, please contact your journey coordinator.

Please note that the equipment will be delivered to your door on June 28.

The uniform unites all the participants of the tour family. Wear it proudly!


Can I change my order or add items?

Yes. In January, each participant already registered received a communication requesting a confirmation of the order. Depending on availability, it will be possible to add items to prepare you well for the Tour 2021.


Can we try the equipment despite COVID?

It is not possible to try clothes at this time. A fit kit will be available at the Fondation Charles-Bruneau  upon receipt of the first order. Please note that we may offer trials only if the COVID-19 situation allows us to do so. 

We remind you that the new supplier of the Tour's clothing is Castelli and that you can refer to the following charter of sizes: If you have any questions, please contact your pathway coordinator. 


Can I cancel my order for additional equipment, since I no longer need it?

Yes. If you had ordered additional clothing in anticipation of a 2J, 4J or 6J course, we may cancel that order. The fees overpaid will be paid in your Tour collection or refunded to you. You have until April1 to  notify us. After this date, it will be impossible to cancel it since the order for information from our supplier will have been placed.

As a third option, a Tour kit, it is very good as a gift!


Why are the registration fees maintained if I participate in the Remote Tour?

For remote participation, the participant has two possible options:

  • $80 — includes tour Jersey, stockings and water bottle
  • $200 — includes Jersey, bib or shorts, gloves, stockings, cap and two Tour water bottles.

The amount varies depending on the equipment provided to the cyclist. The fee is very advantageous since the participant receives, for a registration at $80, a value in equipment of $150 while for a registration at $200, the participant receives a value of $500.



How will my participation in person take place on the day of the event?

Route 1 DAY – 140 km

  • Cyclists of this distance are all registered with a starting city either Bromont, Rougemont or St-Hyacinthe. It is to this city of departure that you will go, on your own, on the morning of Friday, July 9. There is no bus transportation this year. The idea of making a loop is precisely to be able to allow you to come by car and pick up your car at the end of your day.
  • You will be expected at7:15 a.m. at your departure city. There will be no official departure ceremony, but, of course, a few people will take the floor to wish you a beautiful Tour!
  • You will ride in pelotons of up to 12 people. The quality of the supervision on the road, the signature of the Tour, will remain the same.
  • The departures of each of the groups will be a few minutes apart.
  • Four breaks are planned throughout the route, some of which are at the other departure sites of the 140 km. One of these places will be a break for some and a dinner for others. Cyclists from the departures of:
    • St-Hyacinthe and Rougemont will dine in BROMONT
    • Bromont will dine in ST-HYACINTHE.


DISCOVERY Route – 50 and 80 km

  • Cyclists of the 50 and 80 km will start from Boucherville. It is to this city that you will go, by your own means, to your convocation time on Friday, July 9.
  • Depending on your departure call, you will be expected in Boucherville at 7:30 or 12:15 if you are registered for the 50 km course or at 10:00 if you are registered for the 80 km course. There will be no official departure ceremony, but, of course, a few people will take the floor to wish you a beautiful Tour!
  • You will ride in pelotons of up to 12 people accompanied by a bike coach. The quality of the supervision on the road, the signature of the Tour, will remain the same.
  • The departures of each of the groups will be a few minutes apart.
  • Depending on the distance travelled, one or two breaks are planned along the route. This same break will also serve as a place to dine for some. Cyclists from the departures of:
    • 50 km will dine or have dinner at the end of their journey in Boucherville;
    • 80km will dine during the journey to Verchères.


Remote Participation

  • For the participants of at the distance trek, we ask you, even if your challenge is done independently, to wear the colours of the event: thank you for respecting all the sanitary measures in force in your region!
  • We invite you to complete your challenge between Saturday, July 3 and Friday, July 9 and especially: to share photos and videos of your challenge with the #TourCCB #25ans @fondationcharlesbruneau
  • Besides, we invite you to send us a photo of yourself with a sign of the city where you are! We want to make a big montage show that the Tour this year has no limit!
  • You will receive an email from us asking where and how you intend to carry out your challenge: please send this information to your course coordinator, because we want to follow and encourage you!


What procedures are in place to comply with public health standards?

Measures will be put in place to comply with the government health recommendations in effect at the time of the event. A section of the "Participant's Guide", which will be sent to you two weeks before the start of the Tour, will deal with this topic.

In the event of cough or fever symptoms, breathing difficulties, a sudden loss of smell or taste without nasal congestion or any other symptoms associated with COVID-19, we ask that you do not show up on the morning of the event.

Note that the basic sanitary measures must always be respected:

  • Wash your hands
  • Cover your face
  • Cough into your elbow
  • Keep your distance – Respect for the 2 m


Is there a possibility of accommodation on site? If so, will we be offered a special rate?

Yes. We will try to obtain accommodation options, as well as advantageous prices for participants. For more information, please contact your course coordinator.


How do I get to the departure site?

Each participant will travel by his/her own means to his/her place of departure/arrival. There is no bus transportation this year. The idea of making a loop is precisely to be able to allow you to come by car and pick up your car at the end of your day.


Where will I park my car?

Each departure/arrival location will have a designated parking space that can accommodate cyclists' cars for the full day. The course being a loop, you can take your car at your convenience at the end of the tour day.


Can my family come to the departure/arrival site?

It is unfortunately impossible to invite your families and friends to join you on the sites. To comply with public health guidelines, our sites are restricted to a maximum capacity of 250 people.


Will there be a ceremony at the end of the event?

The final ceremony is part of the Tour's DNA. We will present the cyclists on site with a short pre-recorded ceremony to reveal the amount that has been raised. This recording will also be broadcast on social networks at the end of the day.


Will pelotons be adjusted to meet public health standards?

Yes. Our revisited formula will meet all public health standards. Our priority is to provide a safe event for all participants.

In order to comply with the guidelines established by the Fédération québécoise des sports cyclistes, which governs the practice of cycling disciplines, pelotons of 12 cyclists will be allowed (unlike the usual 15). It will be asked to ride in the Indian line at all times and to respect a distance of 2 m with the other participants during the breaks. When cycling, a distance of 50 cm must be maintained with the cyclist's wheel in front. Wearing a mask is not required when cyclists are cycling, but it is obviously possible to wear it for those who wish. Zones will be established for each platoon at the start/finish sites as well as at the stopping sites.


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Please stay on this page during payment.

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