From July 3 to 9, 2021, take part among up to 800 cyclists who will be riding, both in person and from a distance, in the shared hope of ending pediatric cancer.


Whether you're from the Gaspé or Abitibi, you can join the Tour CIBC Charles-Bruneau family this July. In addition to our in-person treks, which will be maintained in accordance with the health standards in effect, a distance formula will allow all cyclists in Quebec to ride independently and raise funds for a childhood without cancer.


No matter where you live or where you are, we will all ride together towards the same goal: a cancer-free childhood for all children in Quebec.


Register today and ride for the cause wherever you are!



All you need to know about the remote formula

A cause, my choice of trek!

Take a short or long Tour for the cause: you are in control of your journey. With this formula, you ride at your own pace and according to your physical condition, where you want and when you want between July 3 and 9, 2021.

  • Are you the type to hit the trails and ride for miles? Ride 50 or 80 km, a distance equivalent to the Découverte course, or the 140 km of the Tour loop (see courses). Looking for a bigger challenge? Ride a two-day (300 km), four-day (600 km) or even six-day (1000 km) trek during the week of the Tour.


  • Looking for a way to bike with your friends and family and have fun? Take a family bike ride or a cycle with friends, according to your physical condition and your equipment. Put your competitive spirit to work for a good cause or ride quietly on your city's bike paths to raise money for pediatric cancer.


  • Want to involve your co-workers in a team-building sports activity? This formula offers companies the flexibility to participate in a team-building activity in compliance with health standards. As a team, rack up the miles for the cause and create strong bonds with your work colleagues, even in a distance work context!



Minimal Fundraising

Each participant who participates remotely is committed to raising a minimum of $500 before July 9, 2021. The Fondation Charles-Bruneau team is here to help you reach your goal by offering you all the tools and resources you need to create an online fundraising campaign. Each of your supporters will receive a charitable receipt for tax purposes for any donation over $20.



Registration fees and gear

  • $ 80 - includes Tour jersey and water bottle
    *$100 worth of equipment, non-refundable

Upon registration, each distance participant will receive the official Tour jersey and water bottle. These items in the Tour's colors link all participants together as part of the Charles-Bruneau family. Wear them proudly to show your commitment to the cause during your training sessions and bike rides. Don't wait! The number of available jerseys is limited!



Closing ceremony and virtual activities

You are taking part from a distance but know that you are not alone in this adventure! Our team wants to give you a complete sporting and human experience through virtual activities that will take place during the week of the Tour. Also, our coordinators are there to support you in your fundraising efforts and are available to answer your questions.






For more information, check out the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS section of our website or contact us.




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