Lélia Barnabo

Profile and story

Lélia was diagnosed with Hodgikin's Lymphoma and is now in remission, she would even describe herself as "top shape". Lélia followed her treatments at CHUS Fleurimont. She is known for her perseverance, her humor and her good mood. Lélia is very athletic, she does gymnastics, handball, snowboarding and loves eating sushi. She dreams of being part of the Canadian junior handball team.

A quick note from Lélia:

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of children who, like me, have to deal with cancer in their lives! Thanks to your involvement, I was able to follow my treatments in a friendly and welcoming environment at the Centre Charles-Bruneau of the CHUS. All the money raised for research also allowed me to be treated with effective treatments. Thank you for allowing the Foundation to continue its journey toward a cancer-free childhood!

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