Geneviève Cadotte

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Since 2020


Ambassador’s Award x1

Years of Participation 2

My Motivation

For Zoe ...

Because in May 2012, at the age of 15 months, our beautiful Zoe was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma.
For the courage, strength and perseverance she has shown, despite her very young age.
Because treatments ceased in July 2013, and ever since Zoe has in great health for now >8 years.

For children with cancer ...
Because all of these heroes are fighting the fight of their lives.
Because all children deserve to live their youth.
Because healing is the ultimate goal.

For their families ...
Because nobody imagines that it can happen to them.
Because all families deserve to see their children grow up healthy.

For research...
Because we don't have all the answers yet.
Because there are already too many stars in the sky.
Because without research, Zoe wouldn't be with us today.
Because for 25 years, every pedal stroke brings hope.

Because I am blessed by life ...
Because I see my children growing up healthy.
Because I have been fortunate where others have not.

Because it shouldn't be a matter of chance…

These are my reasons ...
Whatever are yours, give generously !!

It is inspiring and so rewarding to know that my fundraising efforts will be used to finance the projects of eminent researchers who are preparing tomorrow’s medicine; a medicine adapted to the genetic code of each child, which will lead to personalized treatments that are more targeted, more effective and cause fewer side effects.

I appeal to your generosity to achieve my goal and thus advance research.

"Working together towards a cancer-free future for children"

Thank you!


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