Vincent Gariepy

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Last July 19, 2018, cancer knocked on Vincent's door. The young man was diagnosed with B-type acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Today, Vincent is in remission and doing well. Nicknamed Vince by his family and friends, he loves to go out with his friends and play badminton. The young man is very sociable and likes to make people laugh. Vincent wishes that research against pediatric cancer would advance and that this disease would no longer exist.

A word from Vincent :

I would like to thank all the cyclists, volunteers and people who are involved in this cause that is really close to my heart! You are cycling for a great cause. Your financial contribution makes all the difference. Without these funds and the research, I would not be here to talk to you today! It is so important to advance research so that there is a higher rate of cure and less loss of coconuts. A huge thank you to all of you! I can't say it enough!

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Billy Ma

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David Mitchell

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Pierre James Rouzier

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