Maxime Guénette

Profile and story

Maxime was first diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in December 2017. A second diagnosis, for acute myeloblastic leukemia, followed in December 2019. This courageous young man has been in remission for the last year.

Maxime will complete his Grade 6 this year. His favourite subject is science.
If he were an animal, Maxime would be a bird so that he could fly.
His fondest memory is of when he held his dog in his arms for the first time.
Maxime wants to be a programmer when he grows up.
Nicknamed Loup, Maxime loves to say “patate” and to eat popcorn and apple sauce.

His greatest wish is to be healthy for the rest of his life, but his biggest dream is to create a video game that becomes popular all over the world!


Message from Maxime:
I enjoy participating in events like the Tour CIBC Charles-Bruneau. They’re fun, and the Tour raises funds for research and helps cure children. Thank you!

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