Vincent Gariépy

Profile and story

Vincent is 18 years old and has a passion for video games and anything related to history. Since he was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia three years ago, the one his parents affectionately call Vince, Vinco or Coco has never given up... quite the contrary! Determined to help other young people like him, he has become increasingly involved in the fight against cancer.

Vincent has been involved with Leucan and was a proud spokesperson for the Relay for Life. He has also served three times as honorary president of blood donor clinics in his community. This year, his empathy and generosity led him to contact the Fondation Charles-Bruneau to participate in the Tour and share his story.

Although he had to be home-schooled due to treatment, Vincent recently completed his Secondary 5 with flying colours. He is currently pursuing a CEGEP course, again at a distance. What would he like to do in the future? Become a history teacher... or a great video game player!

"Since my diagnosis, my life has been a roller coaster with the ups and downs of chemo treatments. Our motto at home is 'one day at a time'."

Vincent is the hero of the routes...

Tour CIBC Charles-Bruneau 2021

C17510 FCB 30E Anniversaire Iconeiindividuelexport Découverte

1 Day Trek - Departure from Rougemont - SOLD OUT

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