Noémie Mercille

Actions et motivations

Noémie and her family were to accompany the cyclists of the 6-day trek during the 2020 Tour.
At the launch party in fall 2019, she delivered a message filled with gratitude and hope. She also told us how she couldn't wait to be part of the event!


It was with great sadness that we learned of her death on November 1st, following an infection that attacked her already weakened immune system.


The adorable young girl was barely 2 years old when she was diagnosed with her first cancer in June 2012: stage 4 metastatic neuroblastoma. After thirteen months of chemotherapy, surgery, transplantation, radiotherapy and immunotherapy, she went into remission.


In November 2018, three months after passing the five-year mark, she was diagnosed with a relapse of neuroblastoma. After fighting again for several months, the good news came in April of this year: she was in remission again.


As her mother Annie points out, continued support for research is essential. This is why Frédéric, her dad, Daphnée, her sister and Annie have chosen to experience the event with us. They will be there to represent Noémie, who will certainly be proud to see her family continue its involvement.


Noémie, your passage will have marked many of the people who had the chance to meet you. For you and for all the other children with cancer, we will continue our mission and honour your memory, by being as positive and fighting as you were!

Noémie is the hero of the routes...

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