Logan Boucher

Profile and story

A little over two years ago, Logan's parents found out that their son had neuroblastoma, a cancer that is mostly diagnosed in infants. Just eight months after his birth, the young boy underwent several treatments and numerous hospital visits with his family.

Today, at the age of three, Logan is in remission. This adorable boy has regained the energy to do what he loves most in the world: play outside and ride on a snowmobile with his mom and dad. He can also spend hours playing with his friends at daycare, or with his brother Lou and his dog Tyler.

When asked about "the future", Logan says he has two big dreams: to work in construction like Dad, and to never get sick or have to go to the hospital again.Oh, and a third one - to go to Disney World.


To make their son's wishes come true, as well as those of other children with cancer, Logan's parents have decided to take part in the CIBC Charles-Bruneau Tour this year. On behalf of all the little Logans, they thank you from the bottom of their hearts!

Logan is the hero of the routes...

Tour CIBC Charles-Bruneau 2021

C17510 FCB 30E Anniversaire Iconeiindividuelexport Découverte

Discovery Trek Boucherville - 80km - SOLD OUT

Objective to raise




C17510 FCB 30E Anniversaire Iconeiindividuelexport Bromont

Discovery Trek Boucherville - 50km - SOLD OUT

Objective to raise





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